With one foot firmly planted in the old tradition of country music and the other free to explore the boundaries of music in general, Jordan Minor stands as an imposing figure on the central Texas music scene. In his live performances he routinely demonstrates his unique ability to alternate between thoughtful interpretations of country standards that make the old songs sound new and well-crafted original tunes that, though often containing elements found in traditional music, never sound derivative or descend into the realm of antiquity the way such music often does.

In one of his most requested songs, “Still Shining,” a ballad (in the traditional sense of the word), Minor tells the story of a farmer who is forced out of necessity to keep his family’s bootlegging tradition alive by growing and selling an illicit cash crop along with the corn the farm has always produced. When Minor sings the first line, “The Federal agents are knockin’ at my door, this time I ain’t letting them in,” the listener becomes immediately aware of the fact that this song is different from all the other sad country songs being produced by Minor’s contemporaries. By the time he gets to the chorus, “I’ve got bootlegging in my blood…” he’s got you hooked and you can’t help but listen attentively in order to discover the fate of his nameless main character. But when the song is over you can bet you’ll remember one name, that of the song’s singer and composer, Jordan Minor, who like his character, also has something in his blood, a talent for writing and performing that is unmatched in country music today.

~Rob Haedge

“As a powerful performer and a skilled wordsmith, Jordan Minor is poised to rise quickly above the crowded field of aspiring Texas singer-songwriters.”
by Dr. Gary Hartman Director of the Center for Texas Music History